2013 Summer Soccer Camp

Hello Chris,

Johnny and Anna had an absolute blast at your week-long camp this summer! You and your team of knowledgeable instructors (Luis, Thiago, Mikey and Maria) did a great job instructing the kids on the finer aspects of the game while keeping it fun and entertaining. The instructor-to-player ratio was perfect and you were able to break down the players into small groups according to age, gender and skill levels. I have seen an immediate improvement in both Johnny’s and Anna’s play as well as their enthusiasm for the game. They have participated in many camps over the past few years and this is by far the best camp ever! We look forward to attending any future camps with Skill-Tech Soccer!

Best Regards,

Alex Morias (Johnny’s and Anna’s Dad)


Chris an extremely knowledgeable coach. He teaches proper skill development, tactics and strategies. He also has an amazing talent when it comes to soccer. My son Sebastian has developed great skills and truly enjoys his practice sessions.

- Pablo


Coach Chris is currently coaching my son and I have observed him to be very knowledgeable and patient as well. He is talented and stresses the importance of developing individual skill.

- Patrick


Chris Jurtovski has been a personal trainer for both of my sons, Robert and Noah. Under his direction, both have gained and improved considerable knowledge, skills and abilities. Chris is an impressive and experienced teacher who knows how to connect with the kids and motivate them to achieve their maximum potential. The boys have both continued to drastically improve their game because of his instruction. Thanks Chris.

- Carlos